Background for the Foundation for Sustainable Development

Over the past 100 years, societies around the globe have generated more wealth and advanced technologies than in any other century in history. They have also produced more violence, injustice and greater inequalities which increased vast gap in socio-economic status among the people. Socio-economic status combines not just income but also, living with dignity, educational attainment, financial security, and subjective perceptions in making decisions.

Socio-economic status can encompass quality of life attributes as well as the opportunities and privileges afforded to people within society. Low socio-economic position unites with poverty. Poverty, specifically, is not a single factor but rather is characterised by multiple physical and psychosocial stressors which is result of oppression and discrimination.

Poverty imposing the poor to accept exploitation and labour is the only investment that the poor can exchange for income. The poor mostly who are unskilled labours spend most of the time working hard at the workplace and giving the sweat and blood to the work did not get enough to survive. We can calculate the assets individual has but it is high time we realise the labour, or the human capital be recognised. They are working poor and the nature of economic activity they perform is the source of their poverty which is outcome of the exploitation.

Since the poor are mostly dependent on their labour and many are subjected to the forced labour system. Thus, the State should be responsible for protecting the poor and ensuring liberty, minimum income, health care, social security, and upholding equal opportunity. There is a need to protect labour rights, their work should be recognised with proper legal support and the authorities must take systematic steps in preventing exploitation and protecting the labour sector for the progressive country. System of inclusive approach will guarantee socio-economic status for everyone. In this perspective,

the FSD is developing its vision & mission for constructing the society by promoting equal socio-economic status – “leaving no one behind” through the assured public justice system –by increasing responsibilities of all stakeholders. In this process, strategies are developed to strengthen the “rule of law” by building the society for promoting equality as per the promise of the constitution of India.