About FSD Organisation

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is a secular organisation, which is part of the non-governmental organisation initiative that was established as voluntary group to provide better services to the society by implementing social protection policies. The FSD was originated in the month of September 2004 by the determination of professional social workers for exploring socio-economic, environment, educational development opportunities for the vulnerable communities by implementing welfare legislations with constitutional provisions.

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is a non-profit and charity organisation, registered under the Government of India and adopting legal procedures by practicing finance policy, staff welfare policy, gender policy, child welfare policy, women’s rights policy and endorsing equal employment system along-with unique values and ethics. The FSD organisation is working for the vulnerable groups in fighting poverty, ending violence, eliminating discriminations, and combating modern slavery system by involving the multiple stakeholders with increased accountability. FSD is playing a significant role in protecting and promoting rights of the scheduled tribe groups (Adivasi communities) through participation of peoples’ leaders towards sustainable development. The FSD projects are executed effectively towards achieving inclusive growth with responsible commitment and accountability.

Since its inception, the projects and activities are executed towards people-centred, ecologically sustainable and protects dignity, equality, justice of all with prime focus on women and children with the support of various stakeholders through participatory approach.